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Review Process


Review Process



Each application is reviewed to determine whether the application is complete including all the necessary attachments and whether it meets the funding criteria, current interests, and capability requirements of the Foundation. The Board of Trustees, the General Council Officers of the Umatilla Confederated Tribes, and/or the Foundation’s Board of Directors do not conduct personal interviews with applicants except on the Foundation’s initiative.

You may be asked to provide additional information, schedule an interview, or accommodate a site visit. Foundation staff may contact persons or organizations who have knowledge of your organization to further research the request. Denial of a grant request does not necessarily imply disapproval of the proposed project or a failure to appreciate its merits. Conversely, the award of a grant does not indicate any obligation or commitment by the Foundation for future support.

When the determination process has been completed, all applicants will be advised as to the outcome of their request. All decisions are final.

Post Award
In addition to responding to and working closely with Wildhorse Foundation after a grant has been awarded, each grant recipient is expected to submit written reports at specified times which detail and evaluate accomplishments against objectives and goals of the project, and which account for the use of grant funds. These reports will be used to determine the grantee’s compliance with the award agreement and are required prior to any further grant applications.